Month Of Finance at ESSEC Transaction !

Hi everybody,

I am proud to announce the upcoming ESSEC Transaction events in April.
This month will literally rock. The ESSEC Transaction Singapore team made an awesome job networking, looking for potential speakers and organizing conferences in a very short period of time. Special thanks to Romain, Tommy, Aurélien, the second Aurélien, Grégoire, Laurent, Christophe and Arne.

So, in April, we will have the pleasure to receive :
– Mr. François Rameau, CEO at CA-CIB and Head of ESSEC HK Alumni the 6th of April
– Mr. Dominic Price, CEO JP Morgan Asia the 11th of April
– Mr. Remy Klammers, Global Head of Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Financial Markets at Standard Chartered the 12th of April
– Mr. Franck Litzler, CEO at Julius Bear the 14th of April
– Mr. Emmanuel Bucaille, Head of Capital Markets APAC at UBS the 19th of April
– Mr. Arnaud Claudon, CEO of BNP SS the 21st of April

That is about it for the conferences. As far as the afterworks are concerned, the final calendar is not determined so I will keep you updated in the days to come.

Again, three cheers to the ESSEC Transaction Singapore team that really did a great job making all these exciting things happen.


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