Attica Value Fund

Attica Value Fund

Let us introduce the potential investor to the ongoing strategic objectives behind Attica Value Fund’s investment efforts. We would like to describe ourselves as a value-type fund under an active management strategy, with a sole focus on US Equities as well as no resort to derivative contracts nor short selling. Furthermore we seek to provide our investors with strong risk adjusted-returns, which we shall benchmark versus the MSCI US Prime Market Value Index (MSCIPV), through a diversified portfolio across industries and stocks. Moreover, we pick value stocks only within very liquid markets in order to cut down on portfolio turnover costs, implementing stringent selection criteria which shall be thoroughly outlined in the following sections of our prospectus.

Download: Attica Value Fund – M.Barouti and D.Hoang

Mehdi BAROUTI – Viet-Dung D. HOANG

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